January 19th, 2014

Kid Reporter: Super Bowl Bound


This year in the NFL, as we say goodbye to a lot of talented teams such as the Saints and Colts, we look into the Conference Round of the playoffs. Still remaining in the bracket are the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks (NFC). On the other side of things, we have the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots (AFC). All 4 teams remaining in the playoffs are led by star quarterbacks. The Seattle Seahawks had to work for their win against the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round. It ended up being just a one possession game. In the AFC, the Broncos and Chargers game was much of the same. A one possession turnout. There are going to be emotions everywhere in the NFL this week, with of course the most talked about topic, the Brady vs Manning rivalry. I believe that the Broncos will represent the AFC, and the Seahawks to represent the NFC. Then, I predict the Broncos are crowned Super Bowl 48 Champions. Clearly, this is going to be an interesting week in the NFL.





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