November 15th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Season Predictions


I think the Chiefs (AFC) and the Panthers (NFC) will be the Wild Cards this season. The Broncos will beat the Chiefs record and take the lead in that division and eventually win the AFC Division. Peyton and the Broncos had a successful year last year and have gotten even better this year. Denver and New Orleans will face off in the Super Bowl. Peyton will lead the Broncos to a win and take home his second Super Bowl ring.


The MVP will also belong to Peyton Manning because he has had an accurate year with a whopping 3,249 yards, 33 touchdowns and little interceptions. With only 10 weeks into the season, he is averaging at 3 touchdowns a game. That's amazing even for Peyton.

The comeback player will be running back Maurice Jones Drew. He will break out for beast runs over the next couple of games. This guy is little but quite beastly.




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