November 15th, 2013



The Rams were my surprise team of Week 10. The reason why is because the Rams swept the Colts off their feet and scored an awesome victory. The score was 38-8 with Andrew Luck getting three sacks on him and three interceptions. The Rams seemed to rush him all game too. The Rams got more than 100 yards less than the Colts but, still the Rams came out with an amazing win. Tavon Austin had a breakout game and was able to get two touchdowns on offense and run back a punt for a 98 yard touchdown and get a lot of yards returning many of the other kicks.

Andrew Luck has been good at fourth quarter comebacks but the Rams defense was too strong for him. The Colts had to put Matt Hasselbeck in, who did not do much better and was responsible for one interception.

The stats don't show it, but the Rams defense was able to win the game. They managed to keep Andrew Luck out of the end zone and that was the key to the win.





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