October 25th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Pro Bowl Mock Draft


This year's new Pro Bowl format will be completely different. This year voters will vote for a particular amount of players based strictly on position, not depending on what conference they are in. The players will be chosen for each team by this year's Hall of Fame captains, Jerry Rice and Deion "Primetime" Sanders. So, which players will Rice and Sanders pick?

My predictions:
Peyton Manning
Peyton has had the best season so far among NFL players. Before the Week 8 Sunday games, Peyton leads the league in all major passing categories. Manning definitely deserves to be the first selection in the Pro Bowl Draft.

Jamaal Charles
Charles has been the best running back in the league this year and a MVP candidate. Charles is second in the league in rushing with 898 rushing yards and has picked up over 1,200 yards from scrimmage.

A.J. Green
Green has been nothing short of a huge weapon for young QB Andy Dalton. His 619 receiving yards rank third in the league among wrs. Green should be the first WR taken in the Pro Bowl Draft.

LeSean McCoy
McCoy has put together quite a season so far. He currently leads the league in rushing yards and is fitting in perfectly with Chip Kelly's fast-paced offense. The captains should jump at the chance to draft LeSean McCoy.

Robert Mathis
Robert Mathis thus far this season has been the lead candidate for defensive player of the year. His 11.5 sacks are 1.5 more than anyone else in the league. Robert Mathis will be the first defensive player taken in the Pro Bowl Draft.

Drew Brees
After coming off of two straight 5,000 yard passing seasons, Brees is on track to have his 8th consecutive 4,000 yard season. No one should pass up Brees while he's still up on the board.

Jimmy Graham
Either captain shouldn't hesitate to select Brees' favorite target, Jimmy Graham. Graham leads all tight ends by 78 yards with 693 yards. The closest TE to coming to even 620 is Browns' TE Jordan Cameron.

Mario Williams
Williams signed a huge contract with Buffalo two years ago, but in his first year he did not live up to expectations. This year, he has improved significantly! His 10.0 sacks lead all DEs. The closest to that mark is St. Louis' Robert Quinn with 7.0.

This is only 8 of the many players Rice and Sanders should select. Who do you think that they will pick? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments!



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