August 13th, 2014

Kid Reporter: Preseason Week 1 Winners
The NFL has started! Well, the preseason has, anyway. The preseason shows fans glimpses of their favorite stars, and more importantly can help determine which young players could be stars. Even though two of them didn't win, here are three players who have made the most of their first game in Preseason 2014. 1. Blake Bortles, Quarterback, Jacksonville Jaguars- The third pick of the 2014 NFL Draft has been making big strides this offseason and it showed in his first preseason appearance. Bortles led the Jaguars to a 16-10 victory over the nearby Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While he likely will not start Week 1 for Jacksonville, this is a great sign for Jaguars fans. Chad Henne should be the starter for the first couple of weeks, but if he continues his forward progress, Bortles should see the starting position no later than Week 8. 2. Mike Glennon, Quarterback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Last year's starter for the Tampa Bay Bucs is supposed to be the quarterback of the future. The future could come sooner than it may appear, thanks to a poor performance by starter Josh McCown. McCown had two turnovers against Jacksonville in the preseason opener and looks a lot more like the Josh McCown from before Chicago than Josh McCown the Chicago Bear. While there is a new coaching staff, Glennon showed last year that he has promise and the coaches seem to be leaning more towards Glennon. Don't be surprised if the Buccaneers start Mike Glennon Week 1 or soon after. 3. Carlos Hyde, Running Back, San Francisco 49ers- Frank Gore has been the main man for the past decade in San Francisco and it now looks like rookie Carlos Hyde could be his successor. The rookie out of Ohio State had a strong showing against the Ravens, including a great rush to the edge with help from Bruce Miller. Gore is reaching the end of his prime and Hyde has soared up the depth charts in San Francisco with the injury to Kendall Hunter and the possibility of Marcus Lattimore going down. Hyde hasn't been the most hyped up rookie coming into this season, but if he continues his dominance in the 49ers offense, he should be feared.

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