December 26th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Playoff Senarios


With one week left in the season, five playoff spots are still up in the air. The Broncos, Colts, Bengals, Patriots, and Chiefs have clinched playoff berth in the AFC, while the Panthers, Seahawks, and the 49ers have clinched in the NFC. How can teams clinch the final five spots?

AFC Wild Card 2: The second AFC wild card, and the final spot in the AFC, is anyone's to take right now. No team controls its own destiny in this race, but to make playoffs requires a win and/or another team's result.

The Ravens clinch with: Win and Chargers loss OR Win and Dolphins loss OR Steelers, Chargers, and Dolphins losses.

The Dolphins clinch with: Win and Ravens loss, OR Win and Chargers win.

The Steelers clinch with: Win and Ravens, Dolphins, and Chargers losses.

The Chargers clinch with: Win and Ravens and Dolphins losses.

The NFC East: This race is by far the easiest to understand with the winner-take-all game Sunday night between the Eagles and the Cowboys.

The Eagles clinch with: Win

The Cowboys clinch with: Win

The NFC North: This race is just like the NFC East, the winner will be decided by who wins the Bears/Packers game Sunday afternoon.

The Bears clinch with: Win

The Packers clinch with: Win

NFC South: More than the division is at stake in this race. The Panthers have already clinched, but can secure a first round bye with a win and Saints loss. The Saints could be eliminated from playoffs, or have a first round bye by the end of Week 17.

Panthers clinch(division) with: Win OR Saints loss.

Saints clinch with: Win AND Panthers loss.

NFC West: The Seahawks have been favorites for this division since the start of the season, but the 49ers have a shot at the division crown. Both teams have locked up playoff spots, but are playing for a first round byes Sunday.

The Seahawks clinch(division) with: Win OR 49ers loss.

The 49ers clinch with: Win AND Seahawks loss.

NFC Wild Card 2: Sunday the Cardinals will play with a possible playoff spot on the line. The only two teams that could win up with the second wild card are the Saints and the Cardinals.

The Cardinals clinch with: Win AND Saints loss.

The Saints clinch with: Win OR Cardinals loss.

As you can see, Sunday will be one of the most intense weeks in the season. Who do you think will clinch these spots over the weekend? Comment!




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