December 6th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Playoff Forecast

Ok fans, do you think you have the playoff teams figured out? Well, my Colts are dominating their division and I see them in the playoffs. Surprising? No, not with how the other teams are playing in the AFC...BUT I do believe the Eagles are going to make the playoffs with how they are playing right now. Philadelphia's offense has stepped up their game and I think it will be enough to put them in the playoffs. They just have to stay healthy.


On the flip side, the Chiefs I think have gotten themselves shook up with their losses and don't look like the same team at the beginning of the season. I can see them missing out on the playoffs if they don't get it together, and sooooon! That is a strong division so it will take them to win the rest games to make it or settle for Wild Card. The defense is letting too many guys uncovered right now making it easy for the offense to score on them. No matter what though.....I am glad there is some football to watch this weekend!!

 Winter has hit safe!





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