December 5th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Panthers vs Saints


This Sunday two 9-3 teams will face each other for first place. The two teams are the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints. According to stats, the Saints should have this game in the bag. But, the place where the Panthers are going to dominate in is the running game. Even though the stats say that the Saints will win I am going to go with a Panthers win. This is simply because Cam Newton can get out of his throwing position and run the ball to get away. But, in order for the Saints to win they will have to hit Cam Newton...HARD. The Saints defense will also have to stop the Panthers running game. In order for the Panthers to win this game they will have to focus more on Newton's throwing game and also hit Brees, hard too. This sounds like a good game to watch and to see. Who do you think will win?




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