December 5th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Panthers versus Saints Matchup!


The Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints will be a great game to watch this Sunday. The team that I think will win is the Saints for a couple of reasons.


First, the Saints are amazing at home, going undefeated this season.


Second, the Saints have a much better offense with Drew Brees and he has the ability to tear apart the Panther's defense. The only way the Panthers have a chance at winning are Cam Newton and their defense. If Cam Newton can step it up against the fifth ranked defense in the league then the Panthers have a chance. If the defense of the Panthers can shut down Drew Brees then I think that will be the game decider. Drew Brees is almost the whole Saints offense, so if the Panthers put pressure on him, he could have a tough time passing. Sadly I think the New Orleans Saints are going to end the Carolina Panthers' amazing streak. I can't wait to see how it plays out.





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