May 9th, 2016

Kid Reporter Oliver: How the Jets Draft Picks Rate
Here's my analysis on Jets draft and how it will impact the 2016 Season.

This year the Jets stayed put and had a good draft. They addressed needs like a new linebacker, offensive tackle, QB and even special teams. Overall my grade is a B and here’s why. 

Round 1
I thought Darron Lee was a great pick. Instead of making a splashy move the Jets stayed put and added much needed speed and pursuit to their aging linebacker group. I could see Lee having a very successful NFL career. 

Round 2
This is where things got interesting. With a surprise pick the Jets selected Christian Hackenburg out of Penn State. In his freshman year he was tremendous but when his coach Bill O’Brien left for the Texans he really seemed to struggled. I think that if the Jets can fix his mistakes with a terrific offensive coordinator in Chan Gailey, then the Jets might have found a future franchise quarterback. 

Rounds 3-7
The rest of the way the Jets did a good job of adding potential. They added more pass rushing ability as well as depth to wide receiver, cornerback, and offensive line groups. They even selected a punter. 

Overall these rounds were solid picks that could produce some future contributors. How does this affect the season? Now that these picks have been made I see the Jets going 9-7. 

The quarterback position is a huge question because Ryan Fitzpatrick has not signed and Hackenburg might be too young, but with the immense talent on this team I think the Jets will be competitive and be in the conversation for a playoff spot.

-Kid Reporter Oliver

With the new players how will the Jets do this season?