May 10th, 2016

Kid Reporter Oliver: An Early Playoff Picture!
My predictions for next season's playoffs are below. I know it may be too early but here's a shot!

1 seed- Patriots
2 seed- Steelers
3 seed- Raiders
4 seed- Cots
5 seed-Bengals
6 seed- Jets

The big surprise here is the Broncos will not be making the playoffs but they just don’t have enough talent even with that defense. However, the Raiders do. They added amazing pieces in the draft and free agency to bolster their team which is why they are my 3 seed. The Patriots are too good and get the 1 seed with Pittsburgh right behind. The Colts when the easy south. The Bengals and Andy Dalton almost win the division but settle for the 5 seed. And the Jets squeeze out the 6 seed with their tough schedule of many emotional Prime Time games. 

1 seed- Cardinals
2 seed- Panthers
3 seed- Vikings
4 seed- Cowboys
5 seed- Seahawks
6 seed- Packers

 This was tough because the NFC has a lot of talented teams on the verge of the playoffs. The Cardinals and Panthers are pretty much locks for their seeds. As the Vikings finally push through with more weapons for Teddy Bridgewater. The Cowboys with their many weapons as secure the east. While the Seahawks and Packers who almost won their divisions round out the list of teams.

-Kid Reporter Oliver