July 2nd, 2013

Kid Reporter: NFL PLAY 60 - Paul Brown Stadium



I was able to attend the NFL PLAY 60 camp at Paul Brown Stadium which was sponsored by the Anthony Munoz agency. PLAY 60 is an effort by the NFL to get kids to be active for at least 60 minutes a day. This camp focused on no tackle basic skills of football. I think the PLAY 60 camp was a really great time, it taught me how to have more fun with football.



The coaches were really nice. They showed us catching, throwing and blocking drills. I liked the running contest the best. They were supportive of all the kids no matter how good you were. They also explained what you were doing wrong if you messed up and didn't yell at campers.



I also met Brayden Coombs who is a wide receiver and special teams coach for the Cincinnati Bengals. I did not recognize him because he looked very young. He was really nice and answered questions for me about my favorite player A.J. Green.


This camp reached out to kids to teach about characteristics that a person and a sports player should have on and off the field. Also the coaches taught us about making good choices on and off the field.


Mr. Anthony Munoz was the sponsor of this event. He is the only Cincinnati Bengal to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. My dad remembers him playing for the Bengals and said he is considered the best offensive lineman in NFL history. He is from a Hispanic family and wanted to introduce football to kids of Hispanic background.



I got to meet Mr. Munoz and interview him. He told me that playing in the NFL was very tough but very fun. I asked him if football was popular in his neighborhood and he said baseball was more popular. When I asked him if he was scared to play football he said that he was never scared to play in NFL, but just didn't want to fail.



Mr. Munoz also enjoyed times when he went out to dinner with his teammates on Thursday nights. Lastly, he told me to have good work habits if you want to be successful in life.


I hope that I can go to Play 60 camp next year. I always play 60 minutes or more a day to stay healthy and practice my sports.








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