December 15th, 2013

Kid Reporter: NFC Contenders

The NFC is making for a great contest throughout this season.  The Saints played well this week, pulling of a exciting game against Carolina and improving their record after the bad loss the week before in Seattle.  I think Carolina did not have the determination as the Saints did to prove themselves from the previous week. 


Over the course of watching games on Sunday, there was some amazing plays - games in freezing temperatures and the will of team spirit and drive to accomplish exciting games and outcomes.  The endurance of snowy weather and tenacity of all the players throughout the league as we come close to the playoffs is a real treat to witness.  I am really enjoying this seasons matchups.


I believe the Seattle Seahawks are unstoppable.  The 12th Man is alive and proud.  I think the Seahawks will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl and win! 






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