November 27th, 2013

Kid Reporter: My Week 13 Picks

Hi everyone! It is now Week 13 and I am here to predict the games. The teams I think will win are capitalized.

LIONS-packers. The Packers may not have their starting QB, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn is a good replacement, but not as good as Rodgers. The Lions are having a pretty good season, and they have a great QB-WR combo.

COWBOYS-raiders. For starters, the Cowboys have their starting QB, while the Raiders don't. I think that both teams practiced hard and are ready to play.

STEELERS-ravens. Antonio Brown is doing pretty well this season. The Ravens have only beaten teams that are easy to beat. The Steelers beat the Lions a couple of weeks ago.

PANTHERS-buccaneers. The Buccaneers are on a 3 game winning streak, but the Panthers are on a 7 game winning streak. I believe that The Panthers are prepared to take the field and win this game.

BROWNS-jaguars. The Browns are having a tough time this year. But, I believe that they are ready to win this game.

COLTS-titans. The Colts are losing to teams that I thought they would destroy. But, they are ready to take on their rivals and show the world who they are.

VIKINGS-bears. The Vikings are starting to get their team in shape. They tied with the Packers last week in a tough NFC North showdown. The Bears may think this is a easy win, so they may not practice very hard.

DOLPHINS-jets. With 8 touchdown and 18 interceptions, Geno smith will host the Miami Dolphins in a AFC East showdown. The Dolphins defense has to make big plays and pick off Geno smith and most importantly win if they want a chance to make it to the playoffs.

EAGLES-cardinals. I think that Nick Foles is ready to play. He may have a tough time against the Cardinals, who just got off a huge win verses the Colts.

PATRIOTS-texans. The Patriots blew my mind last Sunday. They beat a 9-1 team. I think they are pumped up and ready to play.

BILLS-falcons. The Falcons are having a awful year this year. The Bills are doing pretty good though. The Falcons are 2-9 whole the Bills are 4-7. Not a huge difference, but the Bills record is better.

SAN FRANSISCO-rams. The 49ers are ready to go while they host the Rams. The 49ers are coming off a big win. The Rams are not ready for these guys though.

BRONCOS-chiefs. 90%of you guys picked the Broncos to win. Both teams coming off losses that they should have won. But the Chiefs have the home field advantage and are ready to play. The Broncos forced a bunch of fumbles last week and are ready to do the same this week.

BENGALS -chargers. Both teams are coming off some huge wins. But, I think the Bengals have the upper hand in this one.

GIANTS-redskins. Both teams are coming off losses. The Giants were close last week against the Cowboys, 24-21. While the Redskins were playing terrible last week. The Giants are ready to play and win this game.

SEAHAWKS-saints. BIG GAME! Both teams are doing fantastic this year. I am excited. Good game defiantly, big game for Saints and Seahawks fans.

Last week:4-14 Season:4-14

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