April 11th, 2014

Kid Reporter: MY RAMS DRAFT


The Rams currently have the second and thirteenth pick in the NFL draft. The local sports radio station thinks the Rams will trade off the second pick. I think the Rams will draft Greg Robinson, an offensive lineman from Auburn University. The Rams need help on the offensive line and he could help protect Sam Bradford, the Rams quarterback.

I would like to see a game where Sam Bradford has plenty of time to throw the ball and make plays. I would also like the Rams to draft Johnny Manziel so we have a good backup quarterback when we need one. Once he gets some experience, he could even be the main quarterback. I would like for him to be the quarterback because he can lead a team to victory. Also, he has the leadership skills and can make accurate passes. I think if the Rams were to get both Robinson and Manziel they would at least be able to have a winning season.




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