January 2nd, 2014

Kid Reporter: Miami Dolphins Offseason


The Dolphins make me cry. That's all I can say about them. 7 points scored in total in their last 2 games. Games they easily should have won. I am now here to tell you what I would do I if I was the owner of the Dolphins.


First, every offensive lineman except for Mike Pouncey should be fired because they gave up a horrendous 58 sacks this season and they can't win games giving up that many sacks. Second, Ryan Tannehill need to work on his deep passes. He missed so many opportunities that should not have been missed.


Third, Mike Wallace and dropping so many passes that also should not have been dropped. For a 60- million dollar player, he should be playing way better than that. Fourth, In the draft they should draft a new QB, and the rest of the draft picks should be offensive lineman. All of them.




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