December 13th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Miami Dolphins 2 Inch Win


It was a very snowy Sunday last week. The Miami Dolphins barely won at Heinz field in Pittsburgh. Last play of the game, Ben Roethlisberger threw it 20 yards to Emmanuel Sanders, he then tossed it to Jericho Cotchery, who then handed the ball off to Le'Veon Bell,he then tossed it to tackle Marcus Gilbert. Gilbert threw it back to Roethlisberger, then he threw it to Antonio Brown who sprinted down the sideline. No Dolphin tackled him. He ran to the endzone, celebrating their spectacular win. But, could it be? A ray of hope for the Miami Dolphins. Yes it is! Browns foot stepped two inches out of bounds. The game was over, and the Miami Dolphins won it.