October 17th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Manning's Return To Lucas Oil Stadium

Peyton Manning is heading back to his long time home of Indianapolis to take on his old team this week when the Broncos face the Colts. This is going to be fun and exciting. I think the crowd will be cheering really loudly for him because he played for Indianapolis for such a long time and set many team records. Peyton will definitely be a little emotional, but that probably won't affect him in a bad way. I think he will end up playing pretty well.

These two teams might match up well, but Peyton is the better quarterback by far. Julius Thomas has been doing well the past few weeks. That has added another weapon to the passing game and helped the team grow the past few weeks. The Colts are playing just ok on offense and defense, but not good enough to win all of their games, or even the tough match ups like this one against the Broncos.

Andrew Luck has been playing well, and he will definitely play well against this Broncos team, since he will want to show the crowd he can be as good as Peyton. But I don't think he will be good enough to get a win. There are too many other problems on the team that he can't solve or overcome.

I'm really looking forward to the return of Peyton Manning to Indianapolis.





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