October 11th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Late Sunday Games


I watched the whole Chargers vs Raiders game last Sunday night, because the Chargers are my team, and I paid the price at school on Monday. So I think that is not a good time slot for the NFL. It would have to always be played on the west coast because it would be too late to start a game in any other time zone, fans and players from east teams wouldn't want to be starting a game at 11:30.

I also think I didn't like it because the Chargers lost and I hate to lose to the Raiders. I do like the pink that players, coaches and the refs wear but glad that the pink flags will not be used in the rest of the October games and sometimes I thought there was a flag and it was someones towel.

This season is going way too fast can't believe the half way point is almost here. I will be at the Monday Night game screaming for my Chargers to beat the Colts. Kid Reporter Kody signing off for now.





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