September 18th, 2016

Kid Reporter Justin's Tournament of Wide Receivers, Pt. 2!
In this article I will reveal the second half of receivers in the elite eight round. So far we have four receivers into the next round. Michael Irvin, Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, and Randy Moss. Who will move on next? You will have to see.

Round of 16- Don Hutson vs. James Lofton
What is unique about this matchup is that both of them were former Packers. But one player is clearly better than the other in my opinion. This player lead the NFL in receiving yards for seven seasons. He also lead the league in touchdowns nine times. This player only played eleven seasons too. Can you guess who it is? It is Don Hutson! While James Lofton had better stats, it was easier to record better stats in his day than when Don Hutson was playing. It might be hard to compare them, but I think Don Hutson was more dominant compared to the people he played with than James Lofton was with the people he played. Considering the fact that James Lofton only made the pro bowl eight times in his sixteen year career, while Don Hutson led the league in receiving touchdowns nine times in his eleven year career I would choose Don Hutson.

Round of 16- Marvin Harrison vs. Don Manyard

Once again this matchup must be hard since they played in two different time periods. However Marvin Harrison's stats were so much better. He played for three less years than Don Manyard and he still got almost 3,000 more receiving yards. Plus, he had way more receptions and touchdowns than Don Manyard too. So with these stats, I had to use my best judgement and I chose Marvin Harrison because his stats were way better.

Round of 16- Raymond Berry vs. Isaac Bruce
Even though Raymond Berry only played for twelve or thirteen seasons and Isaac Bruce has played more, Raymond Berry stats should at least compare with Isaac Bruce's stats. Isaac Bruce has nearly 400 more receptions than Raymond Berry. He also averaged more receiving yard per season. Stats don't lie for the most part. Right? So I like Isaac Bruce out of the two of them.

Round of 16- Tim Brown vs. Cris Carter
Something that both Tim Brown and Cris Carter have in common is that they both were inducted into the Hall of Fame within the last five years. They both happened to play around the same time period as well. Another similarity is that they have comparable stats. Despite the similar stats, one of them is slightly better in my opinion. Cris Carter averaged more receptions, while Tim Brown averaged more receiving yards. The tiebreaker is the touchdowns and in that area Cris Carter averaged more touchdowns. Thanks to that I chose Cris Carter.

Well there you have it, my elite eight. Next time, I will narrow it down to the final four receivers!

The matches are set:
Cris Carter vs. Don Hutson
Marvin Harrison vs. Isaac Bruce
Michael Irvin vs. Jerry Rice
Terrell Owens vs. Randy Moss. 

Comment below on what you think about the final eight receivers!

 -Kid Reporter Justin