September 9th, 2016

Kid Reporter Justin: Fantasy Football Picks!
Hey guys, I don't know about you but I am exciting for this upcoming football season! One of my favorite things about the football season is that we get to do NFL RUSH Fantasy Football.

This week marks the first week of the NFL season and I have some bold predictions about who to start in Fantasy Football this week!

At quarterback there are two main guys who I think the matches are in their favor; Aaron Rodgers who is facing the Jaguars and Russell Wilson who is facing the Dolphins. Aaron Rodgers has Jordy Nelson back this season and I am excited to see if he can have another MVP type season. The Packers also added Jared Cook. Aaron Rodgers is who I would pick if I were you at quarterback. Russell Wilson is also a good candidate. Each year he has been improving more and more. His passing mechanics are staring to look really good. He is also making smart decisions about who to pass the ball to. Can he improve yet again?

At running back, I like Adrian Peterson for this week. He is going to get a ton of carries and a ton of touches in general. Last year, he had over 300 touches and as a result he finished as a top three running back in fantasy football. This week I think he will do well with Sam Bradford. Let's see if the Vikings use him as the center of their offense against the Titans.

The most popular wideout to choose this week is Antonio Brown. In this case the most popular choice will be the best choice in my opinion. Last year, Antonio Brown had more receiving yards than any other receiver. A lot of those yards came from Ben Roethlisberger. When Ben Roethlisberger was healthy, Antonio Brown was the number one wide receiver in fantasy football. Ben Roethlisberger is healthy this week, and so I think he will have a breakout performance to start the season with a bang.

My tight end is Rob Gronkowski, who was the top tight end in Fantasy Football last year. Even though he has Jimmy Garropolo throwing to him this week, I expect him to start off just as well as he finished last year- strong.

My defense is going up against the defending champs this week. However, the defending champs look nothing like they did last year. They have some new quarterbacks in the mix. The three quarterbacks for the Broncos are Mark Sanchez, Trevor Sieman, and Paxton Lynch. Whoever starts tonight, I expect to be sacked a lot by key players like Luke Kuechly. Their defense should be beast against the Broncos tonight.

Here is my team. Let me know what you think
Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers
Wide Receiver: Antonio Brown
Running Back: Adrian Peterson
Tight End: Rob Gronkowski
Defense: Carolina Panthers
Wild Card: Russell Wilson

-Kid Reporter Justin

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