January 1st, 2014

Kid Reporter: Just wait till next year

There is not just one thing that the Jets could of done to secure a playoff spot this year but I believe that the jets can secure a playoff spot next year. If you have not realized by now my favorite team is the New York Jets.


First the Jets have to get a good draft pick with either a wide receiver or an offensive lineman. After this year Santonio Holmes will most likely be leaving the Jets and then we will be needing a new receiver for Geno Smith to throw to. Also they need someone to protect Geno, the Jets offensive line let up 43 sacks this season and are looking for better people to improve the offensive line.


The New York Jets will most likely be drafting Mike Evans from Texas A&M and Morgan Moses from Virginia. Mike Evans as a tall 6'5 225 monster is definitely a guy that could replace Santonio Holmes and can get good chemistry with Geno. Also Morgan Moses a 6'6 325 pounds is a guy who can really protect Geno and can find holes for Bilial Powell and Chris Ivory. So if the New York Jets can get good draft picks the Jets have a good shot at making the post season in 2014.




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