April 24th, 2017

Kid Reporter Jacob Makes His Return!

Just like Robert Alford made a big return of a Tom Brady pass for a touchdown in the Super Bowl, Kid Report Jacob makes a big return to NFL RUSH:

Hey guys,

Kid Reporter Jacob here and after a year of not writing articles I’m back and I’m doing something new! For the next year or so (2017 off season and 2017-18 regular season and postseason) I’m going to be doing a “newsletter.” The first “Kid Reporter Jacob NFL newsletter” will debut sometime next week. The “newsletter” will have breaking news around the NFL all the cuts and waiver signings from the teams and just whatever you need to know that week in the NFL.

Please comment below on your thoughts of this new idea from me and also give it thumbs up. And, if you have any ideas to make my “newsletter” better just comment down below and I will consider each and every one of your ideas! Thank you for reading my article and if you want more just hit that thumbs up button and also if you would like to compete in my weekly poll which will take place in a separate article (A day after my “newsletter” comes out) just comment in this article saying: I want to be in the poll.


   Kid Reporter Jacob

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