January 29th, 2014

Kid Reporter: It's All About the Ball

“It’s All About The Ball,” said Pete Carroll head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. “Football is the philosophy for us. Taken care of the ball and creating turnovers is why we ended up being one of the top NFL teams. That was the very first thing I said to them at the first meeting said Pete Carroll. It's all about the ball.


Media day was very exciting. I didn't really know what to expect. There were different news stations and sports stations there all fighting to get interviews with the NFC and AFC champions.  It was totally amazing to see the same players that I play with on Madden 25, right in front of me.


Everyone seemed willing to speak to me.  I asked Wes Welker if it was bitter or sweet beating the Patriots to move on to the Super Bowl.

 “A little bit of both” Welker said. Obviously playing with the patriots, you make a lot of friends and you wish the best for them but at the same time you're excited about the opportunity you have in front of you.


Yes! He is right. I’m was excited about the opportunity to speak with them. I tried to speak with Peyton Manning but the media formed a fortress around him and it was difficult to get through. I did get a chance to speak with Seattle's quarterback Russell Wilson. I asked him.. does playing baseball make you a better football player?


“I definitely think it does” Wilson says. Baseball helped me develop different types of throws. When you have big defensive lineman coming at you, sometimes you have to make that awkward throw. I inspire kids to play as many sports as possible.


Media day is something that I will always remember. Everybody was excited to be there. I believe that this is going to be an incredible Super Bowl with incredible players. Good luck to everybody.


Khordae S.

NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


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