June 25th, 2013

Kid Reporter: If I Were a General Manager...




Put yourself in the face of a general manager and ask yourself this question: Which is more important the quarterback or the head coach? This is what we'll be discussing.

One of the most important positions in football is the quarterback. Take RGIII for instance, he was already captain for the offense in just one year. This is partially because he plays the position of the quarterback. He can work with the offensive coordinator and create plays that he knows benefit his team. The quarterback is also one of the hardest working players on the team.

You may have just been thinking the quarterback is more important, but now it is time to bring the head coach into the picture. The head coach may not have the physical body of a player, but has an extremely sharp mind and brain to think of the plays to keep his team at the top. This also means knowing his team's weaknesses and their strengths. He can control the offense, special teams, and the defense.



The head coach controls all facets of his team. Remember, that old saying, "defense wins you Championships!". No QB will ever have control of team defense, the head coach makes those decisions.


You've heard about both sides; now let's put them head to head in a battle of who's more important.


Looking at offense only, without the QB you have no offense. The head coach needs to work hand-in-hand with the quarterback, so let's call it a tie. Now looking at defense and special teams would be a no-brainer. The head coach controls both of these teams with his defensive and special teams coaches. The QB has no say over these two very important parts of football team.

If I were the general manager my choice would be final. The head coach is more important. You must have a good head coach to put all the pieces together first... What do you think?








Which do you think is more important?

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