Kid Reporter: I...Forty Ate..Did You?

Yesterday, I got a chance to eat at the NFL's Superbowl restaurant called Forty Ate. Get it..?, "Forty Ate". It's actually inside of the Renaissance Hotel located on 48th St, 7th ave.  Get it, 48th Street.

This restaurant is an extension of the Renaissance Hotel lobby that was converted and remodeled said Max, one of the restaurant managers.  Its overlooking all of the lights on Broadway along with all of the Super Bowl activities us New Yorkers can handle.

What's so cool about this restaurant is that it showcases all of the 47 Super Bowl rings. There were two security guards standing by the rings to make sure that no one touch them.

There were small candles on all of the tables. That made the restaurant look really classy. I ordered a Salmon fish and my dad ordered a skirt steak. Yummie!! The service was good, the food was delicious and everybody had "Happy Plates". (Nothing left)

As we walked out of the restaurant, we ran into former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and last year Superbowl Champion running back, Ray Rice. We took a pictures together. I guess I had my dessert after all.


Khordae S - Kid Reporter 


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