July 8th, 2013

Kid Reporter: High 5 Tips for NFLRush Fantasy


Hello NFL Rush! I am back with with my high 5 fantasy football tips. Last year I had an unsuccessful year in fantasy, but I am looking to bounce back strong. I had injury plagued teams, players with small production, and sometimes I was just plain unlucky. Here are five tips for playing the 2013 fantasy season.


1. Pay attention to matchups. You always need to watch who your players are playing to maximize their production. If Aaron Rodgers is playing the Seahawks, and Tom Brady is playing an easier team, I would choose Tom Brady because of the matchup.


2. Don't just pick your favorite players. Sometimes I see failing teams that have all players from the same team. They may get 200 points one week, and then 50 the next week. Picking an entire team hurts you most of the time.


3. Pick the best players. You can pick whoever you want in NFLRush Fantasy so pick the best players. You shouldn't pick an okay player when you can have the best players.


4. Watch the preseason. You have to pay attention to if players get hurt, or if they may come into the regular season slumping.


5. Don't over think your team. Just go with who you think is going to be the best player that week. That was probably the biggest mistake I made last year. I always let players beat me when I took them off my roster. Just pick the best players in your opinion.


If you have any tips, leave them in the comment section. Have fun playing 2013 NFLRush Fantasy Football!





 Matthew H




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