July 22nd, 2013

Kid Reporter: Grading the New NFL Uniforms

After seeing the improvements made by Seahawks last year, three teams have redesigned their jerseys and hope for the same effect. Here are my thoughts for each new design:



Jacksonville Jaguars: The changes to the Jaguars' jerseys are definitely the most dramatic. The shoulder areas are now teal, and the helmets are black in the front and then fade to gold which covers the back. The logo was also changed and the Jaguar looks somewhat different.



The Jaguar is now put on a coat of arms as a salute to the military, which serves as a patch on the front of the jersey. The lettering has been changed, but to a lesser extent. Bottom Line, the teal sleeves and golden part of the helmet are a creative idea, but it does not create the impressive color scheme that the previous Jaguars uniforms had.
Grade: B-


Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings probably did the least amount of change to their jerseys. Instead of vertical white and yellow stripes, the jerseys were changed to have horizontal stripes on the shoulder area. The font was also changed and now features a more unique lettering with more curved corners.



Also, one design includes purple pants, which have not been seen in years. Bottom Line, the Vikings jerseys did not have as many changes as the other jerseys have. The cool font is great, but the design is rather basic and the two offset.
Grade: B



Miami Dolphins: Last but definitely not least, the Dolphins new uniforms are the best of the three. The sleek logo and the smooth lettering as well as the lighter aqua color makes for a perfect jersey that fits Miami.



The logo has been changed to look less comical and is made of basic strokes rather than a detailed drawing. Bottom line, the Dolphins could not have thought of a better jersey.
Grade: A+






-Rush John

NFL RUSH Kid Reporter



Which jersey is the best?

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