September 20th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Good Games

There have been some really great match up in the first two weeks of the season so far, but we will be talking about the most exciting one of all.  The most exciting match up so far was in week two with the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings.  The game was very exciting and I thought the Vikings might just barely pull it off.  I think it was the most exciting game so far, because the Chicago Bears scored a touchdown with ten seconds left to win the game.  The think that actually won the game was the extra point attempt.  Since Adrian Peterson is really the only offensive weapon the Vikings have, it really should have been a blowout game.  But one of the other reasons this was so exciting is because Jay Cutler overcame the three earlier turnovers by completing a game winning drive with a touchdown.


There were a few other good games to choose from like the Bucs versus the Jets in week one, Texans versus the Titans in week two, and both games for my Buffalo Bills.  Week one they barely lost by a last second field goal for the Patriots and in week two the Bills had a last second touchdown to beat the Carolina Panthers.


There have been a lot of good games so far this season, but hopefully there will be a lot more exciting games to watch this NFL season.




Which game do you think was the most exciting?

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