September 25th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Giants 0-3?


Hello I'm Evan R. and today I'm going to talk about the 0-3 Giants. Truly I did NOT expect this at all. I even picked the Giants defense in fantasy football. Anyways, let's get started on why I think this is so surprising.
Reason 1. They have a GREAT defense!
They have always had a good ball-hogging defensive secondary! They intercept the ball so easily and put a lot of pressure on the quarterback! Just to think that they have Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck on the line and are playing that poorly is unbelievable. Who is a better leader on defense than those two?
Reason 2. They have a good offense!
They had such a balanced offense when they had Ahmad Bradshaw. I expected more from David Wilson if the team was willing to get rid of a good running back like that!
Also, Manning is leading this team and throwing the ball well, but his receivers are not catching the ball.
Reason 3. The team is great on paper!
If you read the names on paper you will be overly surprised on how good this team should be. It's unbelievable what a bad job there doing right now. My advice STEP IT UP GIANTS! Get back to what you do best; RUN THE FOOTBALL!

That's all today I'm Evan R. and this is why I think the Giants should not be 0-3, see you soon!


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