March 12th, 2014

Kid Reporter: Free Agency 2014


There have been lots of great signings in the first days of free agency. Some signings have been much better than others. Which free agent signings have been the best thus far in the off season?

The Broncos have signed one of the best defensive players on the market in Aquib Talib. Talib had a truly outstanding season with the Patriots. He had 41 total tackles and a team-high of 4 interceptions. Talib's six year, 57 million dollar deal could prove to be the best free agent signing this off season.

The New Orleans Saints signed Jairus Byrd, one of the best safeties in the game, to a six year, 56 million dollar contract. Byrd has proven that he is a top-5 corner this year by having four interceptions, 37 tackles, and a forced fumble. Byrd could transform the New Orleans' defense into one of the best in the league.

Other players that are still free agents include Michael Vick, Ben Tate, and recently-released Darelle Revis. I would love it if the Vikings signed Vick, but either the Jets, Raiders, or Bills seem like a better fit. Ben Tate could be a great running back for the Browns or the Rams. Revis will likely be the highest paid defensive free agent this year. The Eagles or the Patriots could be a good fit for him.

This year's free agent class is one of the best in recent memory. Who do you think the best free agent of this year is? Comment!!


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