July 25th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Fantasy Picks With Evan



Hello an welcome to fantasy picks with Evan! Today I'm going to tell you the best players that maybe you should use for your rosters. So let's start with quarterbacks.


1. Aaron Rodgers
Avg. Points per game 20.6
Points in 2012: 329
Reasons for Being Number 1?
Great Mobile Quarterback
Accurate Throws
Strong Arm
Great Spiral


2. Robert Griffin III
Avg. Points per game 20.3
Points in 2012: 305
Reasons for Being Number 2?
Not afraid to run from defenders
Strong Arm
Great Spiral
Does not feel pressure easy


3. Peyton Manning
Avg. Points per game 19.0
Points in 2012: 304
Reasons For Being number 3?
Accurate Throws
Could move around the pocket
Doesn't go down easy (for sacks)




Tied For 1. Adrian Peterson, Alfred Morris (AP / AM will describe them)
Avg Points per game AP 18.6, AM 14.4
Points in 2012: AP 297, AM 230


Suggestion: Use Alfred Morris as Running Back and Adrian Peterson as Wild Card
or other way around.


2. Arian Foster
Avg. points per game 15.4
Points in 2012: 246
Reasons for Being number 2?
Great Trucking ability
Runs Fast
Jukes Well


3. Marshawn Lynch
Avg. points per games 14.6
Points in 2012: 234
Reasons for Being number 3?
Runs Fast
Runs Great up the Gut




1.Calvin Johnson

Avg. points per game 13.4
Points in 2012: 214
Reasons for being number 1?
Runs Fast on the Slant
Catches Amazingly
Runs Very Fast


2. A.J Green
Avg. points per game 12.1
Points in 2012: 194
Reasons for being number 2?
Small but fast
Fast on the quick pass


3. James Jones
Avg. points per game 9.9
Points in 2012: 158
Reasons for being number 3?




1. Tony Gonzalez
Avg. points per game 8.4
Points in 2012: 135
Reasons for being number 1?
Tall and could catch high
Can catch anywhere
Has High Intelligence


2. Jimmy Graham
Avg. points per game 9.6
Points in 2012: 125
Reasons for being number 2?
Fast off the Deep Pass
Can catch everywhere
Has a size advantage


3. Jason Witten
Avg. points per game 7.2
Points in 2012: 115
Reasons for being number 3?
Size advantage
Can catch everywhere




Pick Number 1- Seahawks Defense
Avg. Points Per Game 12.2 
2012 Points 183
Reasons for Being Number 1?
Tough Defense 
Balenced Defense
Puts Pressure on the Quarterback


Pick Number 2- 49ers Defense
Avg. Points Per Game 10.5
2012 Points:157
Reasons for Being Number 2?
Solid Linebackers
Puts Quarterback under pressure
Went to the Super Bowl


Pick Number 3-Giants Defense
Avg. Points Per Game:9.4
2012 Points:141
Reasons for Being Number 3?
Solid Defense 
Puts Pressure on Linemen
Fast in the Blitz









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