December 3rd, 2013

Kid Reporter: Ethan's Playoff Surprises


A number of teams are starting to get hot later in the season and other started off strong but are now not doing as well. I think that the Philadelphia Eagles will continue to exceed expectations and will make the playoffs this year. I think it will come down to the last game of the season when they play the Dallas Cowboys. I think they will beat Dallas in this game. Last year, Dallas struggled late in the season and did not make the playoffs.


I think the Chiefs will make the playoffs but will not advance to a higher round. The Chiefs defense was always their strength but now it is their offense, which is not a good thing because they do not have enough talent in their wide receiver and tight end positions.


The New York Jets started off strong but have been struggling during the later part of the season. They have suffered many injuries and need a new quarterback. It is unlikely they will make the playoffs as they have lost to the Titans, Steelers, Dolphins and Ravens, who will all have the tiebreaker over the Jets. I think that Rex Ryan needs to use another early draft pick to get a new quarterback for next season. I think that Carolina will win the NFC South and have a better record than the Saints, with the help of their defense and outstanding quarterback. These are my predictions for playoff surprises this season.





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