December 27th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Cowboys vs Eagles

This week in critical Do or Die situation the Cowboys will be playing the Eagles. The Cowboys (8-7) and the Eagles (9-6) will be fighting for a first place in the NFC East.


It isn't looking good for the Cowboys because their QB, Tony Romo, is injured! So, instead of Romo, their backup, Kyle Orton, will be playing. He say limited playing time last game in a loss to the Chicago Bears (28-45). Unlike Romo, I don't think that Orton will be able to pull it together in the end of the game for a win. I do think that Eagles' high-powered O from Sunday will be able to pull together for a win. With the NFL's #1 RB (LeSean McCoy), I think that they will bring in a lot of 6s in such a critical game. I overall think that the Eagles will win this game, maybe not by a lot, but still win it.




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