September 29th, 2016

Kid Reporter Contest Finalist Chloe: Seattle Seahawks Dominance in 2016!
The Seattle Seahawks were contending for a 3rd straight Super Bowl appearance in the 2015/16 season last year. Although they did not live up to that 3rd Super Bowl and many fans’ expectations, they did make it to the playoffs, even though their season started 4-4. Their season ended with a 31-24 loss to the Super Bowl 50 runner ups, the Carolina Panthers. The Seahawks fiercely fought back in this game from a 31-0 score at halftime. This shows they improved greatly throughout the season. So just dream of how much they can improve or even dominate this 2016/17 season. 

There are many reasons Seattle fans should be excited this year. Some of those reasons are the Seahawks 2016 draft picks, and their stellar returning players. They also have many goldmines from free agency to be excited for. These reasons provide hope to the city of Seattle, Washington. Hold on, I take that back, it doesn’t give hope only to Washington, it gives hope to ALL Seahawks fans across the world! Seattle had a star set team last year. They had 7 Pro Bowlers, and 3 AP All-Pros. Their QB R. Wilson even had a passer rating of 120+, during a 5 game span. These players give experience to the team. The Seahawks draft picks help too. Especially C.J. Prosise, and Alex Collins, since Seattle lost Beastmode. 

Finally, some of the turn-key players for the Seahawks with great possibility include R. Wilson, T. Lockett, R. Sherman, and K. Chancellor. These players all have abilities that make them stand out. For example, with Lockette you have a great chance that he will beat a 1 v 1 against a CB or Safety. These players should make Seattle an excellent team. Many of the Seattle Seahawks dreams are possible with the amazing coaches. Pete Carroll is a player’s coach, and his staff can come up with awesome sets for their offense. The reasons above prove the Seahawks should be GREAT this year.

-Kid Reporter Chloe

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