June 28th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Coaches Are the Real MVPs



The quarterbacks may be the leaders of the offense for a football team, but the coach is the leader for the whole team. Having a good quarterback is going to help a team win more games than if the average quarterback played, but the coach is the reason for every victory.


One reason why the coach is the most valuable person on a team is the amount of control the coach has over a football team. The coach has the most influence if a team wins or loses. He calls the plays and makes the game plan, and without a great coach a team can't put points on the board.The other reason is that the coach makes the players better.



A quarterback can be good, but he can become great because of the coach. The difference can cause increased victories. The coach also keeps the players in shape and ready to play. He finds drills to help them stay fit and helps prevent injuries.


Coaches make the team function and are the most important person on each team.










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