November 8th, 2013



I think the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos game will be one of the best of the year. The game should be a close one, but the Chiefs will manage to get a win. Peyton Manning will be able to score because he is a great quarterback, but the Chief defense will frustrate him the entire game.

Peyton is a hard worker and will use the extra bye week to get his team ready for one of his biggest games ever. He will have the receivers running routes that are perfect and probably worked on them every day of the week.

My guess is the Denver Broncos coaches worked on defense and let Peyton Manning work with the offense. The Broncos defense is the one that is going to need to win the game for them. The Chiefs quarterback, Alex Smith, is going to have to win the game and should be able to scramble and get some passing yards. Jamaal Charles, running back for the Chiefs, is going to need to have a good game for his team to have a chance to win.





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