Hey fans, I hope you are pumped up about this season as much as I am!
I first want to shout out a special Thank you to Donald Brown for keeping his word to my uncle and giving him an autographed glove at the end of Colts camp. Little things like that means big things to fans!

Now, what about that brilliant trade. Man, adding Richardson to our Colts offense definately will step our game. This will give more depth in our running backs and more choices for Luck. Richardson made a great impression for the Colts against San Francisco. I think he will fit in great with the Colts offense. Not too sure if it was the right move for the Brown's but yay Colts!!

Colts fan, now and forever!


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  • Indianapolis Colts

    October 1, 2013

    djrnewcastle · draftee

    you must have the BEST UNCLE in the world!! And you're right about the trade. Donald Brown & Richardson along with Bradshaw will make the best rushing team in the NFL