February 23rd, 2015

Kid Reporter: Brett Keisel Q&A

NFL RUSH Kid Reporter Jake spent some time with Pittsburgh Steelers super cool defensive end Brett Keisel. Check out what he had to say:

1. You just had shoulder surgery this week, how are you feeling? When will you be back? And what are your expectations for the upcoming season?

Thank you I feel great! My shoulder is healing well. I have been rehabbing and will continue to work with our trainers. I am excited about this young football team. We have a lot of potential.

2. Recently, you cut your beard for charity. Who first gave you the idea to do that? How long does it take DA BEARD to grow back?

I did just cut my beard for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pediatric Cancer. My wife and I came up with the idea after watching our close friends Aaron and Jamie Smith's son Elijah battle Leukemia. I started growing this year's beard last March 2014 and shaved it February 4th 2015. Since starting Shear Da Beard, we have raised over $250,000.

3. Why is it so hard for a defensive end to get in a rhythm when a quarterback is getting rid of the ball as fast as Brady was in the Super Bowl?

Getting to the quarterback is complicated, but great defensive ends never get deterred and continue to stay after the quarterback no matter the circumstance.

4. What is your favorite offseason activity and why?

I enjoy spending time with my family doing many different things such as basketball, sledding, hiking to name a few. We like to stay active and outdoors. I also enjoy hunting and fishing.

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