November 27th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Brady vs Manning


Last week, two great QBs played against each other. This rivalry itself is a big thing, but when the temperature is 20 degrees and the winds are MPH is 20, you look at a difficult game. According to stats the better player of the game was Tom Brady. To be honest, I thought the better QB was Peyton Manning and that the Broncos would win. But, if you saw the game or if you saw the highlights in the beginning you would have probably thought the same as me.


In the third quarter it was 24-0, with the Broncos winning. In this game there was something that everybody could predict: FUMBLES! This was a huge issue for the Patriots in the opening quarter. One of the backs for the Patriots is facing the dangers of losing his position because he has fumbled the ball three times in a row. The Broncos get their first seven on defense. When you thought it couldn't get any worse for the Patriots it does. What you might have thought to be a sack turns out to a fumble. One of the Broncos ends up getting the ball and running it to the Patriots ten. This leads to another touchdown for the Broncos.


Another one of the Patriots fumbles it again. The Broncos get the ball at the Patriots 40. Luckily, for the Patriots the Broncos only get a field goal out of this. After this, the Broncos get another touchdown! At the half it is 24-0!!!


In the third the Patriots finally get a touchdown. Now it's the Broncos turn to fumble it. Peyton hands it to one of the Broncos backs and the ball pops out and the Patriots recover after a fight for the ball. The Patriots end up scoring again. This makes the score 24-14 with the Broncos still in the lead.


Then Peyton fumbles the ball and recovers it making it a ten yard sack. Next the Patriots throw a 43 yard long bomb, this leads to a Patriot touchdown. Next Broncos possession Manning ends up throwing a interception due to a bad dissection. The Patriots end up getting yet another touchdown due to the interception. The Broncos make a incomplete pass on what should have been an interception. Another "should have been" play occurs when Brady throws the ball in the endzone for what should have been a touchdown. Another interception occurs, but there is a flag on the play! Apparently the interceptor held the receiver. The Broncos get another touchdown which makes the score 31-31!


Now the game is in overtime!!! The Patriots punt the ball and the punt receiver calls the ice/fire/poison call and one of the Broncos touches it. The Patriots recover the ball. The Patriots kick the ball and get a field goal to win a game! This makes the game one of the best comebacks ever!!!




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