May 9th, 2014

Kid Reporter: Biggest Surprise of NFL Draft Day? Manziel, Of Course


The biggest surprise of this draft is that Johnny Manziel was not chosen as one of the top 20 players. He is one of the most electric players in college and will definitely provide a spark for a NFL team. Just having him on your team will sell tickets and jerseys for an NFL team. He was chosen by the Cleveland Browns as the number 22 pick in the NFL draft.

There seems to be a lot of offensive linemen being chosen instead of quarterbacks. I am not sure how other teams were able to pass up a player like Manziel, a hard guy to not have on your team. While watching the NFL Draft it appeared that Manziel was getting mad and I can understand why. I would also be mad about how all these teams are missing out on so much talent.

My team, the Rams, passed on Manziel, and went with safer picks of an offensive tackle (Greg Robinson) and a defensive lineman (Aaron Donald).



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