July 25th, 2013

Kid Reporter: Best Rookie Head Coach!



I believe that Marc Trestman will have more success than any other first year head coach. He has experience at the NFL Level and has won a championship in the CFL as the coach of the Montreal Alouettes.



He has a great staff in Chicago and a defense that was ranked third in the league last season. The Bears also have a good offensive players such as Matt Forte and Jay Cutler. Trestman is a great play caller and has been an Offensive Coordinator for the 49ers, Cardinals, Browns and the Oakland Raiders and improved each teams offensive numbers dramatically.


Trestman has trained many solid NFL QB's. His coaching record in the CFL was 59-31 and there is no doubt he will have similar numbers in the NFL, so don't be surprised if the Bears make the playoffs this season.











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