October 7th, 2013

Kid Reporter: At the Helm - Christian Ponder


Christian Ponder should be the quarterback in Minnesota. He is well deserving of the role as well. While the offense has been riding on Peterson's success, there hasn't been much talk about the job under Leslie Frazier. Given the fact that the Vikings are 1-3 , the quarterback situation has been brought up.


According to sources, the Vikings have recently signed Josh Freeman. He was the former quarterback of Tampa Bay under Schiano. Even though Minnesota had a rough start, Ponder contributed to the Vikings surge to the Playoffs, but was benched in the first game due to a shoulder injury. One reason the Vikings have struggled is their lack of passing. Opposing defenses are prepared for the run which could possibly be causing the Vikings to lose. Bringing in Jennings was a smart move by the front office. Now Frazier needs to Ponder more opportunities to throw and develop as a passer. If he develops in a positive manner the Vikings offense will be set. With Matt Kalil blocking, Adrian in the backfield, Jennings catching passes and Ponder improving, they could be a 12-13 win team.


We have seen what Josh Freeman can do. The Bucs brought in star receiver Vincent Jackson from San Diego and they still could not surpass the Saints, Falcons and the Panthers.



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