November 20th, 2015

Kid Reporter Aidan S Makes Week 11 Picks ... with Scores!
Not only does Kid Reporter Aidan S pick 'em, he tells us what the score will be as well.

Can Aidan see the future? Does he have a crystal ball?

Or maybe Aidan S. is from the future and has traveled back in time to help all of us NFL RUSHers with our picks?

We don't know the full story - yet. Check out Aidan's picks below and let us know if you agree.

Also, don't forget to make YOUR Pick Em picks!

Week 11 picks

Night Games

Bengals beat Cardinals 31-17
Patriots beat Bills 21-6

Exciting Games
Packers beat Vikings 21-18 OT
Jets beat Texans 35-24

Other Games
Raiders beat Lions 28-9
Falcons beat Colts 35-31
Rams beat Ravens 24-10
Buccaneers upset Eagles 38-35
Broncos beat Bears 31-17
Panthers beat Redskins 28-14
Cowboys upset Dolphins 17-6
Chiefs beat Chargers 35-7
Seahawks beat 49ers 20-6

Next up...Mascot Awards

How many games will Kid Reporter Aiden get right this week?

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