February 26th, 2016

Kid Reporter Aidan S: The RUSH Squad
Hi guys! Today I represent the people who made me feel the BEST here! Here are some of my greatest friends...

Nickname: The beast of Pittsburgh
Steelerbeastie, as it says, is a BEAST!!! As a Steelers fan he always reads my articles and tells me good stuff. He was the first guy I ever saw who made me feel...welcome

Nickname: The Green Ace
Rodger is the greatest guy ever!!! As a Jets fan, he always is friendly to us and he always makes us have a great time here. Go Jets!

Nickname: Giant X
xdude reminds me of greatness, xdude is a great Kid Reporter and is a big Giants fan. OBJ Style yo!

Nickname: The Poned Patriot
Poned is a very nice guy and a big Pats fan! poned is a great person in real life and on!

Nickname: St. Lucan
lucan is the exact definition of a great guy. He is a Saints fan and a great predictor. Just one thing, who is better: my Bucaneers or his Saints?

Well, those where my friends. If I didn't mention you I am terribly sorry. Also, join my league Superfans, password touchdown07.

-Kid Reporter Aidan S., BB-80 signing out

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