November 7th, 2015

Kid Reporter Aidan S Makes his Week 9 Picks
Washington vs. New England- This games all about everything, but the Patriots have a ton of advantages against this weak Redskins team. Patriots 49-14

Carolina vs. Green Bay- After a tough loss against Denver, Green Bay tries to bounce back with another undefeated match against Carolina. Aaron Rodgers vs. Cam, Stewart vs. Lacy, and Matthews? He's going to knock Cam out cold along with Green Bay's defense against Carolina's offense. Packers 38-35

Tennessee vs. New Orleans- Next match takes us to New Orleans as the Titans take on the Saints, Drew Brees is digging for gold against Marcus Mariota. Both offenses are strong, but the Titans D could use some work. Saints 28-10

Miami vs. Buffalo- This is a hard game since both teams are struggling, but Watkins and Taylor will KO the Dolphins D. Bills 17-6

St. Louis vs. Minnesota- The next game takes place in Minneapolis, MN, when the Rams take on the Vikings. Tavon and Adrian face off, but Defense matters in this game, and with the Rams big run D, the Vikings will have to be tough to score, but they'll fall down. Rams 27-20

Jacksonville vs. New York (Jets) - The next noon game is located in New York with the Jags and the Jets. Both lines are struggling on the Jaguars side, which could be a problem against this Jets defense. Jets 28-7

Pittsburgh vs. Oakland- now this is a tough game to decide, but Carr and Cooper are too good for the Steelers D, but Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown will put up points too, but the Steelers hardly have any good defensemen, and THAT'S a problem. Raiders 28-21

New York (Giants) vs. Tampa Bay- This is good, Tampa has been hitting the top teams in the NFC South, the Buccaneers will hold their lucky stars and hit Odell Beckham Jr. and intercept him! Buccaneers 31-28 OT

Atlanta vs. San Francisco- This match is no difference, Matt Ryan will be throwing it to Jones for 4 touchdowns and Freeman for 1. 'Niners scoring? How about 3 FGs? Falcons 35-9

Denver vs. Indianapolis- Peyton vs. Luck, this will go down in history, until now because Peyton and Talib can take the Colts down. But wait, Indy? Luck can hit Hilton, and Score! Sorry Denver, but you guys will take a hit against Luck, Hilton, Anderson, and much more. Colts 45-35 Philadelphia vs. Dallas- Wow, the Eagles are just struggling with their offense and defense, just like the Jaguars. Dez and Witten will take the Eagles down. Another advantage is the game is at Dallas. Cowboys 35-24

Chicago vs. San Diego- Our week ends when the Bears meet the Chargers. Rivers and Gates are killing it against their opponents, and Chicago? I don't think so! Chargers 42-24

-Kid Reporter Aidan S

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