November 1st, 2013

Kid Reporter: AFC West Wild Card - Which is it?

I am writing my article about the AFC West... I think that the Chiefs will win the division but maybe only by one or two games. As you may know the Chiefs are 8-0 while the Broncos are 7-1. The Broncos are also playing the Chiefs twice in the next few weeks so that may means that either team could lose and win one each, putting the Chiefs in the lead. Or one of them might lose/win both. The whole fate of the division lies on these two games and would put the one team in the lead at the end of the season with clinched division and home field advantage, while the other will finish in 2nd and is a Wild Card! I believe that a Wild Card will definitely come from AFC West but whether it is the Chiefs or the Broncos is anyone's guess...
I think that the Chiefs first loss will probably come from the Broncos, though it will probably be a very close game!! The Broncos will almost certainly keep up their success and only lose one or two more. 
In conclusion, I think the Chiefs will win the division. but not by much, though it could be something really quite different! But how crazy is it to think that whichever way the season ends, the AFC West Wild Card will probably have the 2nd highest standing in the whole conference.



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