January 10th, 2014

Kid Reporter: A Weekend Of Upsets

"Defense Wins Championships"

Carolina Panthers were on a bye week last week. This week they face the San Francisco 49ers who played in the coldest weather last week and now they will be playing in the warmest weather this week. I think the Carolina Panthers are going to win this week because they have the better defense and as they say, "defense wins championships". The Panthers are also well rested from their bye week and may be rustier but I think they will win this week's game because of their great defense.

I believe the San Diego Chargers will beat the Denver Broncos even though the Denver Broncos had the bye week this past week. I think they will feel a little rusty. The San Diego Chargers have a better pass rushing defense so overall they have the advantage and will win the game. For a long time, I have picked the Broncos to be in the Super Bowl, but the Chargers defense is getting better every week, and I think they will get to Peyton Manning and sack him a lot, or at least get a lot of pressure on him.

The New England Patriots were on a bye week this past week. They face the Indianapolis Colts this week. I think the Indianapolis Colts will win only because they beat the Chiefs by one point and the Chiefs are better than the Patriots as a team. The Colts will keep their momentum going. I also think the Colts will win because the Patriots lost Rob Gronkowski due to a season ending injury.

Also, the Seattle Seahawks were on a bye week this past week. I think they are going to beat the New Orleans Saints because the Seahawks have a better defense for going into the championship. I also think Seattle will win because they are at home at a stadium where the crowd is very loud and can hear really well. The crowd at home will shush during the Seahawks offensive plays and be very loud during the Saints offensive plays.

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