July 9th, 2013

Kid Reporter: 3 Fantasy Tips


Hey NFL Rushers! As the NFL season draws near, NFL RUSH Fantasy Football is finally back. I have a few tips that may help your team become the best!


1. Always pay attention to weekly matchups. This is very important in NFL RUSH Fantasy because you can pick anyone you wish, so you want to take a close look at the matchups. 



For example, if your starting runningback is playing against a great defense such as the 49ers or the Seahawks, chances are he may be shut down, and his fantasy points will suffer. My suggestion is you look at all your options for the selected position, and find which one has the best chance of doing well with the team he is up against.


2. Avoid picking all your players from the same team. I know all of you are big supporters of your favorite team, but this can be a common mistake in fantasy leagues. Never choose all of your players from one team because it is very rare for all of them to do well in the same week. If your QB, RB, WR, and TE are all from the same team, the offense has to have an amazingly explosive day for all of them to reach the endzone.


3. Don't always pick the best players from the previous week. It is always very tempting to pick all the players who did well the week before, and on some occasions this does work, but not always. 



If the #1 QB from the week before tore apart a poor defense, don't immediately jump straight to picking him. Look at how he fared against better defenses, and how his matchup looks this week to make the right decision.


I hope these tips helped all of you on your way to creating your dream team each week, and I wish all of you good luck as you hope to climb the leaderboards of NFL RUSH Fantasy Football.












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