July 10th, 2013

Kid Reporter: 2013 Fantasy Football Tips



Here are a few tips that will help you win your league this year on NFL Rush.


1. Stay away from the rookies. With the exception of Tavon Austin, the skill position players that are rookies 2013 should be avoided. Most of the quarterbacks picked this year's draft will be backups.



The two that will probably start, Geno Smith and EJ Manuel, are on rebuilding teams and should not be picked over an established veteran like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers. The notable rookie running backs are in crowded backfields, and the wide receivers are probably not going to make an immediate impact.



2. Always pick a quarterback in your wild card slot.Unlike other fantasy leagues, NFL RUSH fantasy leagues favor quarterbacks over running backs and wide receivers. Fantasy team owners should take advantage of this difference in points.



In 2012 Drew Brees, the top quarterback, averaged about 2.5 more points than the best running back. Over the course of the season that would be a 40 point difference, which could significantly help a user win their league.



3. Switch your lineup every week. In 2012, Jamaal Charles was one of the elite fantasy running backs. One problem for fantasy owners was that some games he would have over 100 yards and others less than 75.



If an owner of Charles played Adrian Peterson or Doug Martin other weeks, they would get a lot more points than picking Charles every week. That is the case with a lot of skill position players, and though switching players is risky, the risk pays off.







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